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The board is made of high quality FR4-A glass fiber board. Before leaving the factory, each piece of PCB board has been tested by flying needle.
It is completely new and original, and the quality is worth relying on.
Module size: 3.4cm x 5.2cm
Supply voltage: 5V
VCC: power supply positive electrode
GND: power supply negative pole
IN0-IN7:8 analog input port
D0-D7:8 bit data output port
CLK:ADC0809 clock
OE: the output enable signal is active at high level
EOC: translation end signal, active high level
STR: start the conversion signal
IO port all lead out, and through the following short cap, so that debugging more convenient and flexible
J7 potentiometer enable control, J7 short cap inserted, the potentiometer circuit on the board is connected to the channel IN3
J8 control positive reference voltage VREF+ and VCC connection, select the positive reference potential of 5V, can also go to the short circuit cap, and input their own positive reference voltage
J9 controls the negative reference voltage VREF- and GND connections, selects the negative reference potential of 0V, and may also go to the shorted cap to enter its own negative reference voltage
J3/J4/J4 selects the address of the analog channel for the flashlight, also takes off the short circuit cap and sets the channel address through the SCM software
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1 x 8 Parallel AD Conversion Module DIY Kits


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