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This is a kit parts. You should solder it by yourself.Transmitting audio signals through infrared signals.

Step 1: Complete the installation in the normal way following installation manual and schematic.(Please request separately).
Step 2: Connect 2W 8ohm speaker(It does not include in package!) and input audio;
Step 3: Connect DC 4-9V voltage.
Step 4: Test and use.
Using attention:
Please make sure all components in right direction and right place.
Please check whether pseudo/float welding.This is very important .
The soldering iron can't touch the components for a long time, otherwise the components will be damaged because of the high temperature.
It is recommended to use a stable power supply, otherwise it may interfere with the audio signal output.
It uses the infrared principle, so it can't be used in the sun or in high temperature environment, otherwise it will easily interfere with signal communication.
High sensitivity
Low power
Wide operating voltage range
Low power consumption
DIY design


Model: TAI-01
Transmitter operating current: Less than 15mA
Soldering difficulty Level: Easy
Working voltage: DC 4V-9V(Recommend 5V)
Output power: 2W(max) 8ohm
Communication distance: 50cm
Transmitter PCB Size: 36.5 x 20mm
Receiver PCB Size:39.5 x 23mm

Package Included:

5 x Infrared Audio Transceiver DIY Kit

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